Best Capture Card Under $100

Budget video capture devices

Having great quality audio for your voice when streaming is one of the most important things to get right when starting off. No one wants to listen to low-quality audio where it sounds like you're in the bottom of the ocean.

Below are our picks for the best budget capture cards under $100:

GENKI ShadowCast

Our first pick is a highly-rated and portable capture card that is super simple and has a great price at currently $49.99. The GENKI ShadowCast is designed with consoles in mind but also works perfectly with any HDMI source such as your PS4/5, XBox and DLSRs with an HDMI-out. In fact, the form factor is designed to fit perfectly hidden in the Nintendo Switch dock. Use this for your consoles or as a source for your DSLR as a profesional webcam. Currently it doesn't support 4k streaming yet but 1080p is a reasonable streaming ouput for streamers today and will still work just fine, especially for the price.


  • Portable and small form-factor
  • Easy setup using USB-C cable and GENKI Arcade App
  • Works with any HDMI source to show on latop
  • Connects with game consoles and computers
  • Also works with cameras with an HDMI-out such as DSLRs to use for webcams
  • Input brings in 4K video from the latest consoles
  • USB-C and incluldes cable
  • Supports 1920x1080 @30fps and 1280x720 @60fps output for streaming

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Mirabox HSV323 4K

The Mirabox HSV323 supports 4k@FPS input from mostly all consoles and also includes an interested dedicated 3.5mm audio out and audio in for a headset and microphone. For those that only have their gaming headset and might not have a usb mic or dedicated audio inferace this might be perfect for you. At the time of writing, this is going for around $79.99.


  • 4k@30HZ source input to capture card with 1080p passthrough for monitor
  • Includes at 3.5mm microphone and audio input port
  • USB 3.0
  • Plug & Play compabibility with Linux, MAC OS, Windows 8/10

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KKF HDMI Video Capture Card 4k

The KKF HDMI Video Capture Card 4k doesn't look as fancy as the others but packs a punch in features and reliability. It currently comes in a USB-C output at $99.99 and USB3.0 ouput at $69.99 depending on the transmissions speeds you prefer.

The only drawback is that the card doesn't explicitly support 4k in its description (though it is in the title and users have had positive experiences using the 4k setting in their software).


  • Supports up to 1920x1080 60fsp
  • Plug and play lag-free capture and recording
  • USB Type C and USB 3.0 model options
  • Offer a 12-month warranty

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